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2160 Available 1978 Pontiac Firebird MOVIE/SHOW CAR  
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This is the Firebird that was used in the making of the 2002 BMW 9 1/2 minute promotional video "Beat The Devil" starring Clive Owen as the Driver (this is one of 8 films made for BMW - each with Clive as the Driver), the Godfather of Soul - James Brown as himself, Gary Oldman as the Devil, and a cameo appearance by Marilyn Manson.

This car can also be seen in the new Mountain Dew Commercial called "Change" where a guy uses a remote control to change his car and friend into better versions.

The Firebird is blue with beautiful custom flames painted on the front end - a perfect car for the Devil. The blower you see coming out of the hood has a movie history as well. It was removed from the crashed '69 black Charger from the movie "The Fast and the Furious". Only the top part of the blower was used in this car and it's bolted directly to the hood. Check out both videos.

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