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2557 Available 1967 B- PONTIAC GTO- XXX MOVIE CAR!  
This is an extremely unique opportunity for movie car buffs, Pontiac enthusiasts, or classic car fans. 1967 Pontiac GTO as seen in the movie "XXX". This is the first time this car has been available for sale to the public. This is a very rare vehicle for several reasons. Only seven cars were modified for filming in the Czech Republic and worldwide display at World of Wheels, Autorama, etc.. This is a miniscule number compared to action films such as "Dukes of Hazzard". The stunt cars were subjected to extreme abuse, so at least one car was left in Prague. Due to time constraints, LeMans models were also used. Some of the vehicles were stripped of their Pontiac engines and refitted with Chevrolet ZZ4 crate engines. Also, after the movie, some aftermarket companies built replicas for display purposes. There are several "XXX" GTO's that exist with no documentation, appearing out of the blue with no ownership history.

Now, to the rarity of this car: It is a real 242 code GTO, not a Lemans. There is a Pontiac factory engine under the hood. The vehicle was not one of the stunt cars, easily identifiable by the extra welded supports under the hood. Complete authenticity documents, movie board, displays, museum pamphlets, etc. are with the car. Complete ownership history. The GTO was first leased, then sold, to the Hollywood Star Cars Museum in Gatlinburg, TN., where it has been on display for nearly a decade. And finally, this may be the only "XXX" movie car that both Eddie Paul and George Barris performed modifications to. Please read the complete story and view all the photos of this piece of movie history. The complete story is in the ad: Description, photos, provenance, documentation, and video links from the public domain of YouTube containing movie trailers and George Barris himself discussing the car at the Hollywood Star Cars Museum.

Everyone remembers the 2002 blockbuster action film "XXX", directed by Rob Cohen and starring Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson. Diesel stars as Xander Cage, a thrill seeking sports enthusiast, stuntman, and rebellious anarchist who is in deep trouble with the law. He is recruited by Jackson to fight against an Eastern European terrorist organization that is planning the destruction of the world. He chooses the spy role over a lengthy prison term in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, and the rest is history. Filming of the movie took place in three locations, with the majority set in Prague, Czech Republic. Released in August of 2002, the blockbuster grossed 46 million dollars the first week, over 141 million dollars in the U.S., and over 277 million dollars worldwide. A sequel, "XXX:State of the Union", was released in 2005. However, Vin Diesel was replaced by Ice Cube, and Rob Cohen's directing duties were taken over by Lee Tamahori. The sequel never reached the success of the original. Click on this link to a movie trailer from the public domain of YouTube. This is one of the great action sequences of the movie. The car appears at 3:30, and is shown throughout the remainder of the clip: LINK

Classic car enthusiasts flocked to this movie for one reason. Amongst all the foreign cars in the plot, most notably Ferraris, was Vin Diesel's ride- a 1967 Pontiac GTO. Despite the millions of dollars worth of foreign performance vehicles in the story, the GTO steals the limelight.

World renowned movie car builder Eddie Paul, partner of George Barris, was contracted to construct the vehicles. Paul built seven cars for filming and display. Each vehicle was stripped down, thoroughly inspected, modified, and rebuilt. The stunt cars were upgraded for abuse with heavy duty suspension, welded support gussets in the engine bay, etc. They were also to be outfitted with Chevrolet ZZ4, 350 Cu. In. crate engines. These crate engines were installed in two cars. However, cost requirements dictated the Pontiac engines remain in the other cars. They were unable to fill the order with real GTO's, so they resorted to also modifying 1967 LeMans models.

The movie's director, Rob Cohen, chose the exterior color, a DuPont shade that hadn't even been manufactured yet. House of Kolors was given the task of blending the custom hue- Dazzleberry. The paint was the most expensive upgrade on the cars.

Any viewer of this movie will soon realize that the stunt cars were subjected to severe abuse. At least one of the more severely damaged units was left in Prague. A precious few of the original movie cars made it back to the United States. After the movie, another company constructed some of these cars for display across the country, but this example is one of the original Paul/Barris editions. In addition, George Barris added some more upgrades in weaponry and trim to set it apart from the others for display. This includes a four foot long missile that is with the car! This is one of the only examples that both Eddie Paul and George Barris performed modifications to.

VEHICLE DETAILS: Click on this link. This is a video from the public domain of YouTube of George Barris himself discussing this car at the Hollywood Star Cars Museum: LINK

All steel body is finished in custom blended House of Kolors Dazzleberry base coat/clear coat. Exterior finish quality is very good, recently buffed to a mirror gloss. There are a few chips and scratches, and a tiny ding in the passenger side fender. Otherwise, everything is in very good shape. Original chrome and stainless is in good condition. Glass is in good condition all around. Shaved door handles, remote operating doors. Passenger door was disabled for display at the museum, opens from the inside. Plunger needs to be reinstalled in solenoid. Non functional side pipes have been installed. Full dual exhaust runs all the way to the rear of the car. Weld Dragstar wheels with BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires. Custom made hood scoop. Flames on the hood. XXX graphic on both doors.

Click on this link from the public domain for a file of 100 photos of the car: LINK

400 Cu. In. engine, not original engine. Turbo 400 automatic transmission. Power steering. Manual brakes. Factory air conditioning. This Pontiac runs and drives out very well.

Interior is in very good condition. It is a factory black vinyl bucket interior with upgrades and add ons for the movie. Seats in great condition. New dash pad. Front door panels in very good condition. Console is in very good condition. Rear seat is the weaponry storage area. Various weapons and small missiles. (See photos.) Also, the four foot long missile is with the car.

Click on this link to view the large missile from the public domain of YouTube: LINK

Rear seat area in very good shape. There are some wear marks on the rear inner panels from raising and lowering the rear seat to access the weapons. There are assorted gauges, switches, etc. added on. Most are non functional and just for display purposes. You cannot really launch a rocket or flame thrower from the inside of the car. Small nitrous bottles installed, just for looks, not hooked up. Grant steering wheel- center cap is missing. There is a solid turnbuckle mounted to the floor behind the driver's seat, to secure a machine gun. Front seats have racing harnesses.

Don't hesitate. This is absolutely the XXX GTO that you want to own.

Was: 38500
Now: 32500
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